228 years ago this year the United States Constitution was signed.  Under this 1787 Constitution, the United States emerged from the status of a dusty backwater second class nation, and ultimately assumed a unique preeminent status among ALL the nations of the earth.

This NEW constitution created a new and unique form of government — It is a limited government whose powers are few and defined; power is divided and sub-divided, checked and balanced; the national government was delegated ONLY A LIMITED NUMBER of SPECIFIC POWERS and DENIED ALL OTHER POWER; and ALL POWERS NOT DELEGATED TO THE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT WERE RETAINED BY THE STATES OR THE PEOPLE.

Under this 1787 Constitution the nation boldly stepped forward.  The confidence of the citizenry blossomed.  The economy expanded in the assurance that one’s labor was his own.  The nation became invigorated.  The national transformation was miraculous.  The nations of the world stood in awe of this newly emerged United States.

Under this 1787 Constitution the United States became the greatest, freest, strongest, most prosperous, and most respected nation on Earth.  The United States became the envy of the nations of the world.  The 1787 United States Constitution became the model constitution for DOZENS of Nations.

Unfortunately, in the 21st Century the United States is again in need of a miracle.  The nation is struggling NOT because the original success formula of limited government, few and well defined powers, checks and balances, divided and sub-divided powers, separation of powers, etc. have become obsolete or failed, BUT BECAUSE THE NATION NO LONGER ABIDES BY THOSE FOUNDATIONAL PRINCIPLES!!!

Join with me in the effort to return to the original foundation, and let us seek to restore these principles so we may again become the greatest, freest, strongest, most prosperous, and most respected nation on the earth!

—Scott N. Bradley