In the Founder’s Corner

Americanist Principles
Proper Government
Scott N. Bradley
Part Seven of a Seven Part Series

This is the final part of a seven part series of articles which were intended to briefly outline seven baseline principles which are critical to the preservation of liberty and proper government in this nation.  Following is a recap these essential points of our liberty:

1. God is the source of our rights.
2.  The purpose of government is to preserve those God-given rights.
3.  The written words of our Constitution have meaning, and those meanings may be known.  They are considered a written binding contract, and a      sacred oath is taken by ALL who hold office to live by that contract.
4.  The powers granted to the national government are enumerated—spelled out and limited.
5.  Constitutional checks and balances are intended to prevent the departments of the national government from usurping un-granted power.
6.  The Constitution clearly separates and divides the power granted to the national government to guard against tyranny.
7.  The powers constitutionally delegated by the people to the national government MAY NOT be re-delegated by those to whom they are delegated.

These sound foundational principles were clearly understood as this nation was established.  When they were vigorously and purely applied, this nation became the freest, most prosperous, most respected, and happiest nation in the world.  A single-minded return to these principles by both the people and leaders of the nation will restore liberty and proper government to the land, and we will once again become the freest, most prosperous, most respected, and happiest people on earth.

In his day, Thomas Jefferson spoke of actions taken by those in power which were inconsistent with liberty and proper government, saying:

“Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers, too plainly prove a deliberate, systematical plan of reducing us to slavery.”  (The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, Volume 1, p.193)

For many years now, the leadership of this nation has systematically strayed from the sound principles of liberty.  The carefully devised and divinely inspired plan of the founders of this nation regarding these critically important concepts of liberty are almost universally ignored by those who currently hold power.  The price of such action is yet to be fully realized.  If the liberties which were bequeathed to the nation at such great cost and sacrifice are to be saved, we must immediately restore the foundation upon which the nation was established and built.  All who hold office must again assume their rightful duty in all matters delegated to them, limiting themselves to the powers granted in the Constitution, and wrest again their rightful power from the hands, both foreign and domestic, which have usurped the Constitutionally delegated responsibility.

Future columns will refer back to these sound foundational principles as we review the current and ongoing unremitting betrayal of these concepts of liberty and proper government which were recognized by the American founders as divinely established.

May God grant us as a nation the power to restore these proper principles of limited, constitutional government, and elect officers who will honor their oath to uphold the United States Constitution!