In Federalist Paper 68, Alexander Hamilton notes the universal recognition of the soundness of the Electoral College during the founding era, saying: “THE mode of appointment of the Chief Magistrate of the United States is almost the only part of the system, of any consequence, which has escaped without severe censure or which has received the slightest mark of approbation from its opponents.”

The Electoral College has worked for 227 years, insuring the efficient and peaceful transfer of power.

The so-called “National Popular Vote” is a dangerous threat to our Constitutional Republic, seeking to legislatively eliminate the Electoral College without going through the purposely-arduous constitutional amendment process as defined in Article V of the United States Constitution.  The process proposed by supporters of the “National Popular Vote” movement would allow as few as eighteen to twenty-one states to circumvent the constitutional requirement of 38 states to amend the United States Constitution.

The “National Popular Vote” process would effectively eliminate the last vestiges of the Electoral College as originally set forth in the United States Constitution.

The presidential election system proposed by “National Popular Vote” adherents would, through state legislative action in individual states, require the Electors in a state to cast their Electoral Votes in favor of the candidate who nationally got the most votes, regardless of the vote outcome within their own state.  Through the ordinary legislative process, the state legislature would simply pass a law by majority vote (without following any of the requirements associated with a constitutional amendment) that their state’s Electoral Votes would automatically go to the presidential candidate who received the most votes nationally.  Even if a candidate was overwhelmingly favored within their state, if another candidate received the most popular votes nationally, their state’s Electoral Votes would be automatically cast in favor of the largest vote-getter nationally.  Thereby, the voice of the people in that state would be completely cast off and ignored.

The “National Popular Vote” creates a fake majority by forcing electors to vote against the votes cast by their own constituents within their own states.

The elimination of the Electoral College would overnight make irrelevant the votes of Americans in approximately 25 states because presidential candidates would only be interested in campaigning in large population states, making small states meaningless zeros.

There is no threshold of what constitutes a “majority” under “National Popular Vote.”  Therefore a presidential candidate could be elected with as little as 15% of the popular vote.

Under the “National Popular Vote” scheme chaos would ensue in any close election.

Under the Electoral College no single faction or region of the country can elect a president, thus ensuring broad representation across America.

Please oppose “National Popular Vote,” and work to defeat it in individual state legislatures.

If the United States is to preserve the great Republic which was bequeathed to the nation at such great cost, we must work to restore and preserve the Electoral College.