Such an action trivializes what would surely become one of the most momentous events in the history of this great republic! To think that by sleight of hand, and legislative chicanery the Utah Legislature may help set in motion the re-writing of the United States Constitution, the document British Statesman William Gladstone termed “the most wonderful work ever struck off at a given time by the brain and purpose of man.” How tragic that the Utah Legislature could have such a cavalier attitude about our great Charter of Liberty!

Please do not let this potential travesty occur. Defeat any effort to railroad this ill-conceived movement through our legislature, and thereby catapult this effort on the national scene.

While Representative Nelson’s bill is still withheld from public scrutiny, it likely is largely, if not entirely, a re-offering of previously (wisely) defeated efforts in the Utah Legislature. Consequently, I have attached, in Word, a few thoughts I have previously written on this highly organized, cleverly disguised, and powerfully promoted movement to re-write our magnificent Constitution. Please carefully consider the thoughts embodied therein, and soundly defeat any effort to call a convention (regardless of how it is denominated) to change our wonderful Constitution. Please become part of the movement to restore our Constitutional foundation by upholding the oath of office to abide within the bounds established by the Constitution, not re-writing it during this era of greatest political risk.

Thank you!
—Scott N. Bradley
North Logan, Utah